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Opinion Poll on BT Cotton
Should Government Ban BT Cotton in Inda?
Can't Say Any thing on this subject


                                                             THE INSIDE STORY                                                        
Don't Have Time- Get a Fake Certificate of Pollution Control by 
Govt Approved Pollution Checking Centre. No Extra Charges for
Quick & Efficient but Bogus Service.

Our Correspondent Visited the petrol pump near Favvara Chowk at Hisar and
was surprised when the boy at governemnt apporved pollution checking facility
quickly made a slip of pollution certificate withour testing the vehicle exhaust.

When our correspondent insisted on getting the test done he produced
another slip by actually checking the pollution of the vehicle. (Click Here to 
see the images of bogus certificate & original test certificates).
What do you think should be done with the agency providing this faulty service?

Submit Any Reaction/Suggestion for the above news
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                                                      MERA HISAR SPECIAL                                                        
Mera Hisar Launches Free Who's Who Service more >>
Vote for Your Hisar Hero of The Year more >>

                                                    Hisar Update                                                                            
Housing Colonies to be Developed by Hisar Cantt - Commander Brigadier Grewal
मेरा हिसार हिन्दी में भी उपलब्ध होगा 
Mera Hisar Offers Online Application For for Cheap Personal Loans/Home Loans more >>
After Power Cuts, Many Villages Also Affected by Poor Water Supply

                                                    Haryana Update                                                                     
Haryana Govt Gives Open Access to its Lines for Consumers Who Want to Buy Power from
other States
Power Shortage Hits Normal Work of Common Person. Farmers. Business &
Factories Badly, Small Industries on Verge of Closure

सिरसा देश का पहला ऐसा जिला बन गया है जिसने सीएफएल को पूरी तरह अपनाया है और 45 करोड़
रुपये की बिजली बचत की है
Haryana Who's Who Launched more >>

                                     Feature on Food Safety & Agriculture                                            
Skin Allergy Appears in Dogs also after Hundreds of Farmer Families Compain
of Allergy in Village Sadalpur, Near Adampur, Dist. Hisar. Many of the Farmers
have spent thousands of rupees on treatment at local private doctors and
medical practioners. District Administration is still to awake to this health
problem which is affecting hundreds of familites at Sadalpur.

Skin Alllergy Symptoms Seem to be Infectious - Ram Singh (Farmer)
Allergies are very common due to BT Cotton world over - ECO-India

Click Here to Write to Us About any Adverse Health Impact of BT Cotton
in India or other Genetically Modified Plants/Products Known to You.

Agri. Officers Fear of Allergy from BT Cotton Field Farmers of Sadalpur Village informed Mera Hisar on phone that they are facing skin allergy perhaps due to BT cotton. Allergy is seen in many people who pick cotton in the field. Allergy reports from BT cotton are already known from different parts of world. Thousands of animals have died in Andhra Pradesh in last few year. 
Majority of Common People Say there should be a Ban on BT Cotton

                                                         Health Update                                                                    
Los Angeles University Researchers Say that if you feel your mobile is ringing it is a
psychological problem and they have termed it Ringxiety. more >>
Get Yoga Care / Training in the comfort of your home CLICK HERE to apply
Hisar (19 Nov. 2007)
Photo Feature
Muslim also Worship Cow: See Manoj Khan Worshipping Cow below at Shri Vaishnav Gaushala, Agroha


An Effort to Tame the Polluting Factories of India
An Effort to Tame the Polluting Factories of India: Autos Lined Up to Comply the Traffice Rules

Autos in Line on The Road
Hisar 19 December, 2007
Auto drivers kept off from work for about 2 hours and objected to the directions
of Police wherein autos are not allowed on certain roads and certain portion
of roads. Auto Drivers say that they have the right to use the road like others when they are paying the road tax. Police lathicharged some auto-drivers when they forcefully tried to evacuate the running autos.
Autos in Line on The Road
Hisar 18 November, 2007
Three wheelers in Hisar are also known as pollution factory as they are a nuisance and nobody disagrees with this.
They are so much polluting and many people would not sit or pass from near these accident menace.
A new system of reducing the pressure of autos on road is tried by the administration by forcing them to drive only in a guided path on the right side of the road.
What is your reaction / suggestion on this. Write to us in the form below. We will publish it in important web sites and newspapers of the region including Mera Hisar Web-site.

Submit Any Reaction/Suggestion for the above news
Full Name:
E-Mail Address:
How did you hear about our web site?
What area of the web site did you find most usefull?
Overall how satisfied are you with the information on this web site?
How likely are you to recommend this web site to a friend?
Other comments:

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