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News Brief
30 November 2007
Contaminated Water Supplied in Red Square Market Area
Today is the Last Date for Filing Annual Return VAT-R2 for 2006-07
Free Drinking Water Supply Connection Scheme Extended by One Year
Agriculture Development Officers of the Area Also Fear of Allergy from BT Cotton Field after many Farmers Reported Possible Allergy due to BT Cotton
News Briefs
29 Nov. 2007
Farmers Agitated Over Possible Skin Allergy due to BT Cotton
Farmers of Sadalput Village are preparing to meet District Authorities over possible role of BT cotton in skin allergy
Many farmers in village Sadalpur affected by skin allergy
Many reports are available of different types of allergies due to genetically modified crops from all over the world-Experts
BT Cotton should be banned as thousands of animals have died in Andhra-Kisan Bachao Andolan
If you know any case of allergy or other effect on health due to BT cotton please CLICK HERE to report us
Mera Hisar To List all Social Organisations in Hisar Districts. Contact for further details
Allergy Appears in Many Farmers Who Touched BT Cotton
Farmers of Sadalpur Village informed Mera Hisar on phone that they are facing skin allergy perhaps due to BT cotton. Allergy is seen in many people who pick cotton in the field. Allergy reports from BT cotton are already known from different parts of world. Thousands of animals have died in Andhra Pradesh in last few year.
Free Woollen Sweaters Distributed to Poor Students by Shri Balaji Seva Mandal.
Condolence Meeting of Press Club Held to Mourn the death of Respected Mother of Journalist Shri Anil Sehgal's.
SP says Red Beacon has been removed from Chairman of Nagar Parishad.
5 Jail Inmates injured due to Scuffle between Rival Gangsters.
Mission Stray Cattle Information put on Mera Hisar
28 Nov. 2007
News Briefs
Children Science Congress Organized at Government HighSchool, Model Town
Garbage Burning Causes Loss of Rs 25000 to Ajanta Opticals, Nagori Gate
NIIT organised Seminar in DN College
Canter Overturned Near Gangwa Village, 8 Injured
Hisar District Sports & Cultural Competition for Governemt Schools concludes
27 Nov. 2007
News Briefs
Shravan Kumar of Hisar wins Gold CBSE National Taikwando Competition
Marwri, An Important Horse Breed of Rajasthan is on Verge of Extinction: Experts
Gypsum Deposits found in Vilage Garanpura Kalan (Tosham) Near Hisar
26 Nov. 2007,
News Briefs

Gas Geyser can Kill You. Many cases in Hisar. People become uncoucious due to carbon mono-oxide gas from gas geysers fitted in bathrooms.
Expert Advice: The Gas Geysers should be fitted in open and not in bathrooms to avoid buildup toxic carbon dioxide gas.
Annual Funtction of Arya Samaj (Patel Nagar, Hisar) celebrated. Main features of the program were Lecture of Famous Nationalist and Associate of Swami Ram Dev Ji Maharaj Shri Rajeev Dikshit.
Young Farmer Mr Shankar Dies while spraying pesticide on his crop. Thousands  of farmers in India die while spraying pesticides in India. Government & pesticide companies take no repsonsibility.
Advertising Allowed for Advocates on Web-sites by Bar Council of India
Hisar (23 Nov. 2007)
News Briefs
Financial Irregularites in LIC Hisar- CBI Team Visits for Investigations
Mera Hisar Offers Ad Free Web-sites in Rs 200 for one year For more information booking your site online  Contact Us
Mera Hisar Offers Free Web-sites to Sanskrit Teachers Hisar & other towns all over India For more information Contact Us
Hisar (22 Nov. 2007)
Mera Hisar Offers Free Web-sites to Poets of Hisar For more information Contact Us
News Briefs
Hisar (21 Nov. 2007)
News Briefs
Mera Hisar Offers Free Web-sites to Senior Citizens For more information Contact Us
Mera Hisar to offer free classified ads from today For more information Contact Us
NCC Cadets Gets to Learn Yoga: Thanks to Patanjali Yog Samiti, Hisar
Mera Hisar to provide updated Employment Information available at Hisar & other areas

Kavi Sammelan concluded at at Government Women College, Hisar

A Lecture on 'Swasthya Evam Videshi' a lecture by Sh. Rajiv Dikshit
(associate of Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj) was organised by Patanjali Yog Samiti, 5 p.m. onwards at Town Park, Hisar

A Lecture on 'Swasthya Evam Videshi' a lecture by Sh. Rajiv Dikshit
(associate of Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj) was organised by Patanjali Yog Samiti, 5 p.m. onwards at Town Park, Hisar
Sh Rajiv Dikshit emphasised on use of simple natural things for daily health
needs. He said most of the allopathic medicines are having lot of side effects and
should be avoided.

Speaking on the loot of India by thousands of Multinational Companies, he said
these companies are looting thousands of crores Rupees of India by way of
Toilet Cleaners (also known as Soft Drinks). He said at one time India was looted
by one East India Company, but today there are about 4500 foreign companies which are looting India.

He said India culture & food is best and Indian System of Medicine (Ayurved, Yog &
Pranayam) are the most modern systems and has been recognised by research all over
the world. He told the audience in the Town Park that cooking food in perssure cooker and refined oils, refined sugars are the main cause of diseases like diabetes & heart problems (heart attack, high blood pressure).

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Hisar (20 Nov. 2007)
News Briefs
Mera Hisar Offers Free Web-Sites for Meritorius Students
For more information Contact Us
Mera Hisar to Tie Up with Innovative India to Offer Online Education
Mera Hisar to put two more organisations on the web for free, namely
Go Hitkari (A monthly newsletter of Haryana Rajya Gaushala Sangh, published from
Shri Ma Santoshi Ashram, Model Town, Hisar
To Put Your Organisation on the Web for Free please Contact Us
Tel News to tie up with Mear Hisar for offering Free Vital Information Platform to
Phone / Internet / Email Users
To register for free services (free news, information about health, business, employment, etc.) of Tel News Click Here
Mera Hisar to offer Free Computer Education for Economically Weak Female Students of marriageable age (>18 years) who are considered a burden on the family.



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